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He Does, She Does.

Ken and I have very different skill sets. Ken is a very organised, logical and friendly person. I am his opposite. Ken takes care of almost all the business part of Frodinart, and his meticulousness makes him a better choice to run the laser machine. He is so good with experimenting and documenting the settings of laser for different materials. (Since laser is "burning" materials to cut and engrave, it is crucial to have the right settings for each project).

He would introduce me as the "artist" part of Frodinart when we meet people. But that is not completely true. His eyes for composition of designs always help me with every project we do. And one thing that he is extremely good at is photo processing.

This is the picture of our client's dog, engraved on a green edge acrylic sheet, that is placed on a light stand. This was fairly early on when we started doing photo processing for lasers, and it was very challenging to show the details of this beautiful pup. But he persisted! Since then, Frodinart has taken on various photo projects on wood, granite, ceramic tile, mirror, and acrylics. I am still in the learning process of photo processing... someday, I hope I can do

a quality job as he does!

Do you have any projects in mind using photographs (higher the resolutions, the better)? Graduation? Birthday? Anniversary? Celebrating for the new office or a new house?

Let us know -- we will work with you to make the occasion and the memory even more special.

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