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Craft Fairs

Craft Fairs... our first craft fair experience was 4 years ago. It was a great fun and a disaster at the same time! We did not know what we were doing! Since then, we have been to several shows per year, and it had been a great learning opportunity for us from setting up, preparing, and interacting with people who stop by.

At first, we were so excited and proud of all the things we could produce with our laser that we brought every single thing to the table ... which ended up in such an eclectic clutter of a table! "Oooh, look what we can do! Look at this, and this, and this!!! " It was like an over enthusiastic show and tell, as we look back. In the 4 years that have passed, and experiencing craft fairs both as vendors and as visitors, we have tried not to make our booth into too much of a show and tell. We are learning to set up our table a bit more coherently for the visitors, and are learning to set up and clean up more efficiently.

Another thing I had to learn was to be comfortable to talk with people who are interested with our table! Ken still does most of the talking when it comes to that (he is much friendlier than I am!) but I have gotten better...! Actually, once you get over your initial shyness, it is fun to talk with the people at the craft fair, both the people who come browsing, and also with the people at the other booths. We all share the love and interest for something handmade, something unique, and something that is not mass produced!!

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