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Keeping Memories

Our daughter is always doodling. Lately, she has been doodling mostly in her sketchbook or on her tablet device, but when she was younger, she would draw on any odd pieces of paper around the house. Our house was a whirlwind of scattered doodled scrap papers; no room could escape that... There were some cool doodles that got stepped on by muddy puppy paws, or got some interesting colored stains that we decided tossing was the best way... So after a while, we started to take digital photos of her doodles that we wanted to keep.

These ornaments in the photo are not from those random doodles, but she did create them in that phase. These were for her teachers for her Kindergarten, first grade and second grade classes. (Awesome, awesome teachers!!) Her drawings for each teacher were scanned, and then lasered onto aromatic cedar. She was very happy to be able to give these special ornaments to her teachers for the holiday season.

If you have some cute doodles that you would like to make them into keepsakes, let us know! Aromatic cedar like these ornaments have lovely reddish sheen and clean aroma, perfect for special keepsakes! Hang them in your car or on your walls, to enjoy their natural scent!

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