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Nice to Meet You !!!

Updated: Mar 14, 2018

Hello, nice to meet you! This is our very first blog entry, as we are launching our website for the first time!

Through the website and this blog, we hope to share what we do and what we enjoy at Frodinart. Frodinart, or Frodin Art, is a husband and wife team of designers using

a laser cutting machine as our tool.

It all started with my hobby of cutting papers with scissors, like this picture. I still enjoy making things manually, but the laser cutter has enabled us to make precise refined works. Moreover, it has enabled us to work with other people's visions as well.

Since we have started Frodinart, we were blessed to work with many people who wanted specific designs for their invitation cards, wedding gifts, party favors, special ornaments, etc. It makes us feel very honored and happy to be a part of those memorable occasions.

If you have some events coming up, and want something special, or want something just because, let us know and we would love to work with you!

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